Coffee table with LSD monitor

Materials and tools:

  1. monitor or TV;
  2. thick plywood or MDF;
  3. paint, varnish, brushes;
  4. Thick glass;
  5. saw, drill, grinder;
  6. boards, facing boards;
  7. carpenter's glue;
  8. Putty;
  9. Corner brackets
  10. for the version with the system unit: power supply, motherboard, hard disk, video card.

Step 1

First of all, take the monitor (or TV) and analyze, removing all the elements of the case - you need an LCD panel. Then we measure the dimensions of the panel: length, width, thickness; and draw a sketch-drawing of the case from plywood (MDF) (see picture)

Step 2

Using the dimensions of the sketch-drawing, we cut out 4 rectangles of the case from the plywood (MDF), it will also take 2-4 slots to fix the bottom of the monitor.We assemble the case: by combining 4 rectangles from the plywood with self-tapping screws and inside the case, we put 2-4 brushes on the screws to fix the monitor, stepping back from the distance equal to the thickness of the monitor, plus, approximately, 5 mm.

Step 3

Make a frame of the facing board to hide the edges of the monitor. Saw off boards of the desired size, cut off the sides of the joints at an angle of 450 and paint. After the paint dries, glue the frame to the wood glue, and you can also use small cloves to attach.

Step 4

Now from the wide board we'll make an outer frame. Saw off the boards of the desired size, cut off the sides of the joints at an angle of 450. To the frame board body, we attach it with the help of corner brackets to the screws. Place the joints of the frame with putty.

Step 5

Let's start painting. Close the monitor with paper and masking tape and paint the entire table with varnish or paint (of your choice). For additional protection, paint the table with furniture lacquer. We are waiting until dry.

Step 6

Inside the case, we will install the elements of the system unit: a power filter, a power supply unit, a motherboard, a hard disk, a video card, etc. We connect and connect everything, carefully assemble the wires and fasten them to the case. Make the legs.

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