Coffee table Piano

Coffee Table Pianois an interesting project, we do our own coffee table with piano elements inside. The project is much simpler than it might seem at first glance, a pine board was used in the work, which is not ideal for making furniture, but very convenient for work.

Materials and tools:

  1. piano keys;
  2. Pine board, facing board
  3. strong glass;
  4. plywood sheet;
  5. legs (finished are sold in hardware stores);
  6. paint or varnish of choice;
  7. furniture protective varnish;
  8. brushes;
  9. saw, drill, grinder;
  10. clamps;
  11. carpenter's glue;
  12. putty.

Step 1

Let's start with making the tabletop frame. We take the board (it is better to buy a board with a groove on one side (see Fig.), It will be required to insert a glass), cut 4 frame elements, cut the sides of the joint at an angle of 450. We paste the frame with the joiner's glue. p>

We carefully grind the surface of the tabletop frame, if necessary, reduce (adjust) the depth of the groove to the thickness of the glass.

From the boards we will make an "apron of the tabletop", we count the length taking into account the size of the table legs. Also in the boards drill holes for fixing to the frame of the table and legs.

Step 2

We collect the frame of the table, using self-tapping screws and joiner glue. Place joints with a putty and paint the table in several layers.

Step 3

From the plywood sheet, we cut out the inner part of the table top and the fastening (see fig.). Fasten to the table top and paint. Also at this step we will cover the table top with furniture protective varnish.

Step 4

Take the keys from the pianoforte, if necessary, restore and varnish. We glue the keys together (maybe a bit in a chaotic manner) and glue inside the table top.

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