Classic pencil skirt

Such clothes can make any woman elegant. For more than 70 years, she does not go out of fashion. A woman in her always looks stylish, strictly, to some extent unavailable.

A pencil is a straight cut skirt, necessarily narrow, and a tight-fitting figure, its length should be slightly above or below the knee.

The father of this style is the world-famous fashion designer, Christian Dior. In the 1940s, women cheered the pencil skirt, firstly, because it emphasized the form, and secondly, because there was a shortage of fabric during the war, and this model did not require very much. Years passed, and the pencil skirt did not leave the fashion catwalks. Popularity was added to her by female politicians, the wives of presidents, in particular, Jacqueline Kennedy. This style has firmly taken its place in the wardrobe of many women.

It can be safely worn, if you have a hard dress code at work. Nevertheless, despite the fact that she makes a woman in the eyes of others a serious, impregnable business lady, she is able to give your image an incredible sexuality. These skirts are able to emphasize the waist and highlight the hips.

Previously, "pencils" were sewn from tweed or other very dense fabric, now the designers do not limit themselves to the choice of fabric: silk, leather, scraps of different fabrics. This year they are decorated with lace, embossing, lightning, embroidery and stones.

If you want to wear a skirt of this style in the office, it is better to give preference to this color: black, gray, brown, beige, white. However, designers insist that one should experiment and try to wear variants of yellow, red, green colors. Decide for yourself, the main thing is that the color of the skirt does not affect your work.

What to combine?

Jackets, turtlenecks, shirts will be perfectly combined with this style. Well, if the "top" of your outfit will be decorated with ruffles, it will well emphasize the chest. To further highlight the waist, wear a belt.

An irreplaceable attribute of a pencil skirt is high-heeled shoes, ankle boots will look just as good.

Despite the fact that such skirts strongly fit the figure, plump girls should not be afraid to wear them. The combination of a long skirt and a high heel shoe will hide the irregularities of the figure, making your silhouette higher. They are sewn both with high waist and low.Try on several models and choose the right one.

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