Choosing summer bars

The time from May to September is a hot time for the restaurant business, when a customer goes and profit increases. To be in demand in the season, it is necessary to anticipate the wishes of the guests. And in the summer heat they want cool, cold drinks, light but tasty dishes from the new menu. And most often they prefer the open summer terrace to the indoor hall of the restaurant.

Properly starting the veranda or the seasonal cafe with a bar counter. After all, it is here that the main events will take place - mix cocktails and smoothies, prepare ice cream and refreshing desserts, and nearby - grill or grill meat.

How to choose a summer bar counter?It all depends on the type of site you are organizing.

- If there is a special stationary place under the summer cafe - a large gazebo, a verandah, etc., then choose a stationary bar. In the project of such a summer cafe, it should become its constructive part.

- If you plan to put up a tent, just bring tables and chairs out to the street or organize a seasonal playground away from the main institution, then a mobile bar counter is the best option.

What are their features?

- The fixed bar counter is installed once and is dismantled along with the entire structure. In this case, the rack is equipped only at the beginning of the season, in advance they provide for laying communications, and upon completion they are freed from equipment, utensils and bar merchandise. Stationary options are suitable for establishments with a large adjacent area, which can afford the organization of a permanent seasonal cafe.

- Mobile bar counter is assembled and disassembled, if necessary, can change its location and be used for outdoor events. There are many advantages of mobile racks - an affordable price, ease of assembly, individual sizing, low weight.

Today, restaurateurs prefer mobile bar counters of modules. It is not only convenient to assemble them - it is enough to have a cross-head screwdriver on hand - but also to store them. Disassembled racks take up very little space - the usual utility room will do.

Our offer

Factory of bar counters ProektBar offers modular bar counters of own production.

-Materials for making the client chooses himself- this is wood, artificial stone, chipboard, eco-friendly HPL plastic. If a bar counter is bought for the street, then the material is selected as resistant as possible to different weather conditions.

-The facade design option is also a choice- the decor can be one for all modules or combined, which looks very stylish.

-The bar counter is assembled according to the customer’s needs from several modules- straight, corner, front and wall, with a sink and cabinets. The configuration of the rack depends on the required size and design idea.

-The price of the bar counter starts from just 32,000 rublesfor the basic package of 3 elements.

-Production time - from 5 days.You can assemble the rack yourself, but if you are used to trusting professionals, the ProektBar installation team will quickly do it for you.

Modular bar counters, except for seasonal cafes, can be used for:

- Catering

- Exhibitions

- Food Fairs

- Outreach

Order a bar counter at the ProektBar Factory! We will find the perfect option for the price and style.

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