Chebbi-chic lamp

Chebbi-chic lamp
A stylish interior is, above all, thoughtful details. They are an indicator of a good impression of the room. These important details include lighting. It happens that the once-pleasing eye lamp is tired or does not fit into the room's updated after-renovation situation. Do not rush to get rid of the old lamp, this master class will help a nondescript piece of furniture to find a second life. The classic shape of a desk lamp is ideally combined with the chebby chic style.
 Chebby Chic lamp
This direction in the interior originated in England, mainly characterized by worn or aged furniture of light shades, soft lace, pastel colors and floral motifs. In order to achieve the effect of antiquity, decoupage and craquelure techniques will be applied in the master class. Materials for work: 1. Ground acrylic white; 2. Bronze acrylic paint; 3. Lac for the one-component craquelure; 4.Acrylic paints (white, blue,green); 5. Matte decorative lacquer; 6. Flat synthetic brush; 7. Napkin with floral pattern; 8. Scissors; 9. PVA glue;Stages decoration The first step is to unscrew the light bulb and remove the lampshade. The dry, clean surface of the base of the lamp is covered with soil and left to dry.
 lamp chebby chic
We cover the base of the lamp with two layers of paint of bronze color, leave to dry.
 candlestick cheby chic
We apply a craquelure paint with a brush in one direction, for example, only from top to bottom. We dry for one and a half to two hours. The readiness of the lamp for further work is checked with a finger, it should only slightly stick to the surface. You should check carefully in an inconspicuous place to avoid leaving prints. -shebbi-shik.jpg "alt =" shebby chic lamp "title =" shebby chic lamp ">
Mix white, blue and green colors to create a pastel turquoise color. To do this, add a little blue and a drop of green to the white paint, now mix it up to a uniform pale-turquoise hue.We cover the base of the lamp with paint, remembering that you can not drive twice with the same brush on the same place. We are waiting for the appearance of the effect of craquelure. shebby chic lamp After drying of the cracked layer, we proceed to decoupage. We cut out flower compositions from the napkin, separate the top layer and try on the lamp.
 shabby chic lamp
To glue flowers, it is convenient to use the file. Put the picture on the file with the wrong side to yourself, moisten the surface of the napkin with a brush with water.  shabby chic lamp
lantern chebbyshik
Apply the file to the selected place on the lamp and translate the drawing. From above we gently coat with PVA glue, which is very diluted with water. We are waiting for drying.
lamp chebby chic
We cover the base of the lamp with a matte acrylic varnish and dry.
 Chebbi-chic lamp
It remains only to collect the lamp and a chebbi-chic table lamp is ready!

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