Cat Bed

Bed for cats
Owners of cats know that these cute pets like to choose a place of rest and rest where nobody will disturb them. Often as a place of this are boxes, various containers and even cellophane bags. You can organize your cat's personal space by sewing a beautiful and comfortable bed for her. For work, you will need a gray fabric 130 cm wide, colored fabric 50 cm * 130 cm in size, lining fabric, a round black elastic band, a satin ribbon 1,5-2m long, 2 sheets of cardboard and a filler. Foam rubber or synthetic winterizer will be suitable as a filler. Cut to details: 1. From a gray fabric cut a rectangle measuring 35 cm * 130 cm and fold it in half. Immediately make markings for 8 sections of 16 cm each. 2. From color fabric we cut 2 rectangles. The first - 7 cm * 130 cm. (For finishing the bottom). The second - 20 cm * 130 cm, it is ironed in half. This will be the top of the crib. 3. From gray fabric we cut 2 oval details with the size of 28 cm * 130 cm. We also cut out the same detail from the lining fabric. 4.For the reverse side of the bottom, we also cut such a detail from the lining fabric:
 Bed for a cat
5. Cut out a rectangle of 12 cm * 130 cm from foam rubber or a synthetic winterizer. Now we sew details: • Sew the lower finishing detail. • We put foam rubber (synthetic winterizer) into the detail marked in sections and lay the lines according to the marking, marking the sections . • Stitch the upper 2-zayuzhennuyu detail and run through it along the 2 lines for the tape. • Stitch the edges of the parts, leaving holes for the ribbon. • Sew on the bottom of the crib: bottom lining, and on top - gray fabric. • Draw in the ribbon and tie it up nicely. Removable bottom of the crib:
 Bed for a cat
• Cut out two oval details from a cardboard form and size repeating our oval patterns. • Tighten the edge and lay the seam for the cord in the bottom part. • Cut out a similar oval from a synthetic winterizer and stitch details of the bottom of the crib. Attach here 2 glued together cardboard ovals. Thread the gum string, tighten and tie. As the string becomes soiled, it will be possible to untie, remove the cardboard and wash the bottom. We put the bottom in the crib.Sit in the finished bed of your pet.
 Bed for a cat
Such a bed, made by the loving hands of the hostess, will be a favorite place for your cat.

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