Bouquet of yellow roses in a basket

Bouquets of sweets have long ceased to be a new and unusual gift. More and more often, instead of fresh flowers, you can get a basket with wonderful homemade compositions and your favorite candies inside each flower. I propose an uncomplicated master class for creating a small basket without a handle with wonderful bright yellow and orange roses. To make such a composition you will need: 1. Crepe paper (or corrugated) of the desired colors (yellow, orange). 2. Wooden skewers. 3. Candy (I have this "Martian"). 4. Organza of green color. 5. Basket. 6. Toothpicks. 7. Construction glue. 8. Spool of thread. 9. Polyfoam (can be replaced with foam or sheets of the substrate under the laminate). 10. Scissors. 11. Clothespin.
 A bouquet of chocolates Yellow roses
First, I will explain a little. In my basket flowers of crepe paper. It is softer, less durable and not as lush as corrugated paper.Corrugated paper flowers are made lighter, more voluminous, and paper is much stronger. At the same time, from crepe paper more natural flowers and more accurate. Step 1. Prepare the basket. To do this, we cut out a piece of foam plastic according to the internal diameter of the basket, firmly fix it in the basket and decorate it with green paper. It can be done differently and much easier than with foam. I use the remnants of the substrate under the laminate. Cut two circles. One is the diameter of the bottom of the basket, and the other, the diameter of the top. Tightly insert these two circles into the basket. It turns out neater than with foam, you can not even decorate it with anything on top. All will be closed by organza flowers and fagots. Step 2. Prepare sweets. I take the Martian candies, as they are not too large and perfectly round. Candy fasten to the skewer with a thread. You can re-do a little candy to make it even rounder, and the candy wrapper tail is longer, it will be more convenient to fix it with thread. We make as many candies as we see fit (based on the size of your basket). Step 3. Making roses. To do this, cut a piece of paper from the edge of the roll, as needed for the manufacture of roses, and the height of the petal will be the same.We wind off six lobes of a cut roll of harmonica, with a scissors we give a rounded shape, that is, we cut off the top in a circle. From the bottom cut the corners. At the same time we cut it so that the accordion does not suffer. We make one more accordion, but from it we cut out already six separate rose petals, without preserving the integrity of the accordion.
A bouquet of chocolates Yellow roses
 A Bouquet of Candy Yellow Roses
First First Harmonica we wrap the candy, tie it with a thread more tightly and with our hands gently form the necessary bends of the bud. Then we attach the other six petals in a different order and also tie them with a thread. Beforehand, with your hands, slightly deform the petals by making a recess in them under the candy. This should be done carefully and not hard, so as not to tear the paper. The edges of the petals are twisted with a scissors blade.
 A bouquet of candies Yellow roses
A bouquet of candies Yellow roses
Next, cut off a small ribbon of green paper and cling to the stem of our flower. Glue here is not required a lot.It is enough to drop glue under the bud and fix at the end.
A bouquet of chocolates Yellow roses
 A bouquet of candies Yellow roses
So we do fluffy roses of yellow and orange color. Plus we will make a few more roses without separate petals, that is, rosebuds. Step4. We make pommels of organza for decoration. We cut a lot of small squares from organza, about 5 by 5 centimeters, again, proceed from the size of your basket. Fold the isosceles triangle from the square of the organza twice and attach a drop of glue to the toothpick. This is very help the clothespins. Press the clothespin with the junction and wait for complete drying, otherwise the organza will be peeled off from the toothpick. Better yet, instead of the usual PVA glue, use building glue, it dries faster and bonds much better!
A bouquet of chocolates Yellow roses
 Candy bouquet of yellow roses
When all are ready elements, we start to collect a flower basket. We paste in the styrofoam first of the organza pound on the edge, and then the rose.

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