Napkin with embroidery "Bluebouquet"

Napkin with embroidery "Blue Bouquet"- surprise your friends with wonderful napkins decorated with embroidered flowers.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. 46 cm x 46 cm white color.


Step 1

Napkins on the dining table is not only practical, but also an unusually stylish accessory. Choose a set of table linen to match your napkins, place a bouquet with blue flowers in the center (field cornflowers or hyacinths will fit perfectly) and get well-deserved compliments in the art of serving! However, you can do without a tablecloth. Simply use each of these large wipes as an individual mini-towel for each guest. Rather, arm yourself with needles and threads and proceed to embroidery: it's time to warm summer evenings just around the corner, so you will have a great reason to gather guests at a large table under the open sky!

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