Bisexuality can be challenging for both men and women, however. There are a lot of misconceptions from both the LGBT community and the straight community, according to , coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at the University at Albany.

Bisexuals sometimes get an unwarranted reputation for promiscuity, says D’Allaird. Also, people often assume that bisexuals are actually just gay and haven’t totally come out yet. “Gays and lesbians can be oppressive to bisexuals too: ‘Oh, pick a side!’” D’Allaird continues, “They sometimes perpetuate stereotypes based on their own experience of oppression.” People are used to thinking in the binary (gay versus straight, male versus female, black versus white), so bisexuality can be a difficult concept to understand and accept.

But isn’t that how Reese’s candies were born? Liking peanut butter and chocolate? You can like two things at the same time, people. You can like The BeatlesandThe Rolling Stones, you can like dogsandcats, and you can like boysandgirls.


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Bisexuality in Popular Culture:

Over time, bisexuality has become more accepted not just socially but also on television. The most famous bisexual character on TV now is probably Piper fromOrange Is the New Black, but the most interesting could be Darryl onCrazy Ex-Girlfriend. Props to the show for presenting a bisexual man on TV without falling into offensive and lazy stereotypes.

Check out this amazing clip of Darryl singing the song “Gettin’ Bi” about his bisexuality.

In terms of movies,Chasing Amy, the late-'90s cult classic, starring a young, goateed Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and Joey Lauren Adams, was the first time most people had seen a bisexual character in the movies.Chasing Amyis great for many reasons; it’s funny, hip, ahead of its time, but the best part is that in the end, the girl gets the girl.

Video: Things Not To Say To A Bisexual Person

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