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With the onset of heat, everything comes to life, people are in a good mood, they begin to build ambitious plans for the future - the number of weddings increases in spring, graduations take place in spring, everyone wants to look beautiful and young in spring! That is why now is the time to think about accessories for your upcoming holiday events. We offer you a lesson on the creation of the amazing beauty of the rim-diadem decorated with flowers made of polymer clay and pearls, which will become an excellent decoration of the bride or graduate, will emphasize her tenderness and beauty. In order to ensure that everything necessary for work was at hand, and the creation of a rim diadem has brought the maximum pleasure, take the following: - a blank-base for the rim (metal or plastic bezel without ornaments) - a green thin satin ribbon for the basis of the rim (2 cm) superglue; - white thread or monon sewing for sewing beads; - wire for beading, needle - stationery knife and scissors - floral teip tape - wooden toothpick - white polymer clay and a little green or yellow,You can also take a small piece of blue or violet; - mold (texture sheet) for petals (you can take thick corrugated paper); - pearl beads of different sizes;
 take the following
Let's start with the preparation of the base: for this, one end of the satin ribbon will be carefully glued to the end of the rim-base, and we will begin to wrap the basis with a ribbon. Before you begin, be sure to burn the initial end of the tape with a cigarette lighter or a candle.
 Start by preparing the base
Start by preparing the base After the base has been completely wrapped, we cut the free end of the tape with a small margin and glue it in the same way as at the beginning of work.

The base is ready.
 The base is ready
Now we need to make flowers from plastics. Traditionally, in ornamental floristry, roses, florodorange or apple blossom are in the lead, we will make roses,since these are universal flowers, suitable both for a wedding celebration, and for any other significant occasion. So that the flowers do not get too bright and provoking, we will add a very slightly different color to the main white color, let's take, for example , blue. When mixing white and blue you get a light shade of blue, divide it into two pieces, one set aside, and the second mix with a little more white. No need to hesitate until a uniform color, so you get a beautiful veining effect. Now for the modeling of buds, we have, in fact, white color, light blue and white with a slight shade of blue.
 make flowers from plastic
make flowers from plastic
All flowers are molded as follows: from the middle to the extreme petals. The center of the bud is a drop-shaped piece of light blue plastic. To it we will attach the remaining petals - from small to medium, from medium to large. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the pieces from all types of working plastics of different sizes.Light blue will be the smallest (we roll the balls), white with a blue tint - larger, white - the largest. Here are our blanks for one flower.
 are molded as follows
Now we crush each ball in the palm of our hand, apply it to the texture sheet (mold), fasten it to the center-drop so that each subsequent petal will go a little to the previous one. We put the finished flower slightly harden, because it is too soft from our fingers, we make a hole in it for the fastener.
 we put it on the palm
 flatten on the palm
 we make a hole in it
 we make a hole in it
We make a lot of colors of different sizes, so that the bezel turned out very beautiful.
We make a lot of colors
Let's start making petals,Mixing yellow, green and blue plastic. According to the technology of their production is about the same as the manufacture of petals. Only blanks are more elongated, drop-shaped, of different sizes. Let's make a hole at the base of each leaf.
 turned out very beautiful
 Start making petals
 Start making petals
We lay out all this splendor on the plates or foil and send them to bake in the oven, observing the temperature regime of baking for the type of polymer clay you work with.
 Start making petals
We finish the finished flowers with varnish or leave them frosted and prepare for assembly on the base. For this we take a needle and thread and sew flowers and pearls in a free order. We sew flowers like this: we draw a needle and a thread from the base, we insert from the bottom of the flower, that is, the needle comes out of the center of the bud.We type a single bead on the needle and again insert the needle into the center of the flower, taking it out to the base.  Lay out all this
lacquered flowers
Instead of a thread and a needle, you can use a bead wire, weaving flowers on the base, the wire can be camouflaged with a tap-tape. We type n needle
 use bead wire  use bead wire
 Diadem rim
The decoration is ready, it looks gentle and elegant, it is also important that it is the only one One of a kind and exactly the same is not a single girl except you!
 Diadem rim
 Diadem rim with your own hands

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