Benefit and harm of fast breakfasts

For sure, many know the fact that breakfast should be rich and nutritious, and all the excuses "I drink only coffee or tea in the morning" are not very good, because the drink helps you wake up, and breakfast should start the work of metabolism.

In addition, if you skip the morning breakfast, then, as a result, your body gets hungry by the evening so that you will be ready to eat half of your refrigerator. After all, this happened? Due to busy and overly active modernity, most people are trying to reduce the time it takes for breakfast, so breakfasts have become very popular.

Useful flakes or not?

And useful, and tasty, and as well as quickly and simply prepare, in any case, as they promise us with all the tabloids, advertising on television and on the Internet. But is everything really good?

The first breakfast cereals appeared relatively recently, in America, where two brothers, John and William Kellogg, were actively developing this idea. In the 20th century, interest in healthy and wholesome food increased significantly, and John had a medical education, which pushed him to create a ground mixture of cereals.

However, the taste of this product was not the most pleasant, therefore, over time, William suggested adding sugar to the recipe, which greatly improved the taste of the product.

In this matter, the brothers could not find agreement, the disputes reached the stage of the trial, but, anyway, Kellogg’s concern remained at the forefront of the global breakfast cereal market until the end of the last century.

To this day, the opinions of nutritionists about the benefits or harm of breakfast cereals are ambiguous, because in the world there are thousands of industries, many of them have their own technologies, additives and ingredients, which affects the nutritional value of the final product. What are dry flakes?

For sure, many of you have tried, and maybe even eat such products: these are muesli, which are obtained by combining flakes and pieces of various dried fruits, nuts or berries, as well as snacks. All those lovely figured cereal products, circles, pads, stars and hearts that make children so happy when they find themselves in their breakfast room in the morning for snacks belong to snacks.

How perfect is such a breakfast?

Such breakfasts are obtained from various cereals: rice, corn, oat and rye.Of course, by themselves, these cultures are very useful, both for adults and children, but many do not take into account the fact that before they get into a beautiful box, they undergo various heat treatments.

It is because of them that they lose a significant part of their vitamins and nutrients. In addition, most flakes are made from chopped cereals, which promotes rapid and large digestion of carbohydrates.

And this is practically the same thing as eating a decent piece of bread for breakfast, and the feeling of satiety after such breakfast disappears rather quickly, since a high level of sugar provokes insulin in the human body, which makes us want to eat.

So is there a good breakfast cereal?

Of course, if you choose between lack of breakfast and consumption of cereal, the second one will be much more useful and reasonable. Most often this applies to schoolchildren and students who do not particularly like or have time to have breakfast, and the money for lunch in the dining room, most often, is lowered to something else.

Naturally, such quick breakfasts may be the only opportunity to feed your child, so that at least a couple of hours it does not feel hungry.

The benefits and harm of breakfast cereals.

And besides, dry breakfasts with fruits and honey really benefit, because honey and fruits contain undeniably large amounts of vitamins, minerals and useful substances that are simply necessary for a growing child's body.

True, nutritionists advise, if you still decide to feed yourself or your child with such breakfasts, then it will be optimal to make several days free from dry breakfasts, in which it is better to cook oatmeal or semolina.

She, too, is preparing quite quickly and simply: fill the flakes with hot water and let it infuse. Also at the breakfast must be present fresh fruit, as well as a cup of black or green tea, as you like.

As a result, we can conclude that children's flakes do not cause much harm to the child's body, but also benefits, and even more so are not dietary food.

Remember that such products cannot completely replace full breakfasts, but it is even possible to use them on occasion and on demand.

Most famous brands of quick breakfasts make them using an extrusion method, in other words, using a lot of pressure and heat, whichOf course, it contributes to the destruction of some nutrients, but some of them still remain, just in reduced quantities, which are not very similar to those stated on the package.

Which breakfast cereals to choose best?

If you still sometimes indulge yourself and your family with such breakfasts, it is better to be skeptical about their choice. It is safer and more beneficial to choose the raw flakes, which most often go to muesli with fruit, honey and nuts.

If you are trying to lose weight or to keep track of your figure, then choose different fitness lines that either do not contain sugar at all or, if they do, in the smallest quantities.

According to their consistency, such flakes are tougher and coarser, which indicates their lower heat treatment. It is also better to turn your attention to those brands that produce flakes from whole grains, since there will be twice as much useful and mineral substances in them.

Snacks are considered the most useless of the whole line of breakfast cereals, as they contain the least useful fiber, because they are made from crushed grains.

Also, many like roasted muesli, they say, in taste they are much higher than normal. Maybe this is true, but they are absolutely useless for health and it is absolutely impossible to lose weight on them, since such flakes lose all their vitamins during the production process.

Also it is necessary to protect those boxes with dry breakfasts, in which the ominous symbol "E" is indicated (presence of baking powder and acidity regulators). It should be clear that they do not carry in themselves anything good, rather, on the contrary.

It is also best to beware of those species that add flavors, even though they are identical to natural ones. Like it or not, they still have a synthetic nature, which causes great doubtfulness of their usefulness. The same applies to the addition of multivitamins, which also have a directly synthetic origin.

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