Beautiful gift wrapping

gift wrap
On the New Year, everyone gives each other small gifts. But not always souvenirs are sold in packages. Therefore, you yourself can make a beautiful and unusual box by selecting the desired size. For crafts, leftover wallpaper will do: this box will turn out very elegant. You will also need scissors, a pencil, glue, thick stencil paper, 1 meter of beautiful tape. First, determine the size of the crafts and make a stencil. To do this, take a piece of thick paper and fold it along in half. Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the sheet half the width of the proposed box (base of the craft), measure the height of the craft and draw an inclined straight line from the top point to the mark on the horizontal line.
sheet of paper
Draw a wavy line in the form of spruce twigs from the outside of the forward slash (or make your own simple th pattern).Pay attention to the lower part of the blank: so that the edges of the handicrafts when assembled do not jam, there must be an angle of 45 ° between the pattern and the horizontal line.
 cut the blank
Cut out the stencil and expand it.
 expand stencil
Choose paper for crafts. The length and width of the sheet should be greater than double the height of the crafts, to which you need to add centimeters equal to the width of the base of the box. For example, if the stencil is 14 cm in height and its base is 10 cm, then you should take a sheet of paper with sides larger than 38 cm (14 + 14 + 10).
 Choose paper for crafts
cut the blank
Turn the paper on the wrong side. Place the stencil and circle the pencil. The fewer traces of a pencil are visible, the neater the crafts will be.
 Choose paper for crafts
Draw a square with sides at the bottom of the encircled figure,equal to its base.
 Choose paper for crafts
Attach a stencil to the other three sides of the square in turn and circle it.
collecting gift wrap
Carefully cut.
 collect gift packaging
Draw auxiliary lines from the top of the tree to the corners of the square.
 collecting gift wrap
Turn the workpiece over to the front side and fold the curly edges along the marked lines upwards.
 collecting gift wrap
Reverse the workpiece and glue a square cut into the center s cardboard, thereby strengthening the bottom.
 collecting gift wrap
 collecting gift wrap
Pick up all four sides of the craft upward,making folds along the edge of the square.
 we collect gift wrapping
Glue the three sides of the crafts, smearing glue on their curved edges to the folds. One side of the craft should not be glued so that it can serve as a door for the box.
 collect gift wrapping
tie ribbon
Cut the tape into two parts. At the top of the pyramid make two small holes, pass the edge of one ribbon and tie it on the knot, leaving a small tail. Glue the second band to the top of the hinged door and hide its end under a piece of cardboard cut out in the form of a triangle and glued to the band. Let the glue dry well.
 ribbon for the tie
Inside, put any souvenir, lift the door and tie the ribbon, making a big bow. tie ribbon If you have a wallpaper of a different color,You can make a box and a different color.
 do-it-yourself gift wrapping
 gift wrap
These are such beautiful and simple packages for souvenirs you can do it yourself.
 gift wrap

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