Bamboo wall lamp

When you make your interior sometimes there is a problem to choose accessories. A solution to which can be making your own hands. We cut bamboo. The circular saw is perfect for cutting blanks, but in principle you can do with an electric jigsaw. The rez should be made in 2-2,5 cm from an internal membrane. After our blanks are ready, choose the most suitable in shape and size for our future sconces.
We cut bamboo
We clean and paint the inner surface of the remaining blanks, for the purpose of their further storage, to protect them from the appearance of the fungus. We cut our blanks according to the scheme . The upper and lower parts must be made from one blank (have a common cut). With a circular saw, you can cut at any angle. It is also necessary to cut the membrane, which will impede the installation of the cartridge.
blanks according to the scheme
 blanks according to the scheme
Drilling holes and threading.Then we apply both parts of the plafond to each other and mark them with a pencil on the side edge of the place for the side fixings. And we transfer risk to the end part. We mark the center - this will be the axis of our hole. The connection of the upper and lower parts of the plafond will be made on M6 studs. Let's try to do without a tap. We drill the hole with a  5 mm drill with a depth of 10 mm required for the stud stroke. Cut the thread with an M6 bolt using pliers. Since the tree is pretty soft material - no problem. To connect the elements together we will prepare 4 studs 60 mm long.
 cut at any angle
 Drilling holes and threading
Since we have a side light lamp, the bulb must be between the top and bottom of the plafond. Therefore, before proceeding to join the plafond with the wall part, it is necessary to determine the location of the lower fastening pin, which is also the basis for the cartridge. For incandescent and energy-saving lamps, this distance is different. The distance between the upper and lower studs is 30-40 mm.Between the studs will pass the power wires, make holes for them, too, is necessary. We make a hole for the dowel in the wall element.
 Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment. After the preparatory work, the workpiece must be sanded - remove the top layer of wood to show the structure of the tree. To do this, use the grinder. Emery paper will be used with a grain size of 200 to 40 microns for final polishing. We cover the bamboo stain on the outside, and inside - paint, and give dry. Before applying a varnish, you can apply any ornament or pattern with a burner or paints. We open a varnish in 2 layers. Assembly. After twisting the ceiling, the studs are wrapped with tow or loose flax rope over the PVA. We fix the cartridge on the stud, using the nuts to center it. We remove the wires from the ceiling. We fasten the wall part.
 sconce of bamboo
Montage. We drill a hole 6mm, insert a plastic dowel, let the power wires through the wall of the sconce through the hole.We match the holes and hammer the screw into the dowel or twist it with a flexible screwdriver. Twist the wires and isolate them. On studs, closing fasteners and wiring, we wind tow.
 bamboo sconce
The cost of materials for 2 sconces is comparable to the price of one bamboo lamp in the store, while bamboo will not be left to one fake. Do not be afraid to experiment: you can do truly exclusive things with your own hands.

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