Aroma wallpaper - a new word in interior design

Interior designers have been paying attention to room scents for many years. The most prestigious hotels order the development of original smells for their rooms, and sell candles and oils in furniture stores. The inventors of these incredible wallpapers decided that the room designed by their products additional flavor will not be needed.

The company Flavor Paper presented a collection of wallpapers that have their own fragrance. This effect is achieved due to microcapsules with aromatic oils located on the surface of the pattern. Rubbing the pattern, you can feel the pleasant smell.

Despite the fact that the stock of oil is limited, due to the large surface impregnation, unusual wallpaper will delight with its aroma for a very long time. The inspiration of the authors of an unusual idea was gathered in flavored strips from magazines that have kept their flavor for many years. If one page can smell so wonderful, then the whole wall has incredible potential!

In the collection there are only a few aromas: banana, citrus and cherry. All smells correspond to the pattern on the wallpaper, so choose the right quite easily. The unusual decor has a glossy finish, so it can be used even for bathroom decor.

Among the products of Flavor Paper there are standard wallpapers, without any special smell. However, it was fragrant wall coverings that became their hallmark. The original idea is popular with Hollywood celebrities. In addition to standard colors, the company is ready to print wallpaper with any pattern. And the customer can decide for himself whether capsules with flavoring will be applied to them.

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