Application of leaf koala

With the onset of autumn, crafts made from leaves and other natural materials, such as cones, acorns, chestnuts, mountain ash or twigs, are becoming increasingly relevant. Of the colored autumn leaves, real works of art are being created - flowers, paintings, figurines and children's applications.

 Application of the koala from the leaves

Applique koala from the leaves

Today we want to make an application of Koala on a tree leaves.

Many mistakenly call koalas bears, but this is not so. Koala belongs to the order of marsupial animals. It turns out that the limbs of koalas are designed to move through the trees. It has two fingers set aside and long claws. The whole life of koalas is associated with the eucalyptus tree. They live on these trees and feed on their shoots and leaves. The koala can sit for hours on the tree, clutching its legs, even when not sleeping.

Therefore, our koala will sit on the branch of the tree.

What do we need for crafts?

  • Leaves and twigs
  • Glue stick
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Howto make an application of koala from the leaves?

    First we need to gather up the necessary material for crafts. For example, a willow twig is very similar to the eucalyptus tree so loved by koalas. Any other branch with thin leaves will do. We collect other leaves of different shapes and colors.

     Materials for crafts

    Materials for crafts

    If you want to make a craft from dry leaves, it's worth putting them under a press for a while and waiting for them to dry.

    On a sheet of paper we lay out the blanks of the future composition. Pencil draw the contours of crafts. We remove the leaves.

    Contours of crafts

    Contours of the craft

    Start applying the application from the sprig.



    Glue the little body and the legs of the red-brown leaves.

    Taurus and feet

    Taurus and feet


    Glue the green head and small measles common ears.

     Head and Ears

    Head andears

    We draw a koala spout and eyes.

     Spout and eyes

    Spout and eyes

    Application from koala leaves is ready!

     Frame application

    Frame application

    With all the simplicity of the crafts, it looks very colorful and bright . If you put it in a frame, it can become a wonderful decoration for a room or a hall. If you want, you can make a real exhibition of "animals from the leaves."

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