Apartment Interior 2018: Trendy Decor

Key design trends in 2018

Scandinavian design confidently conquers the hearts of millions of homeowners. To have a clear idea of ​​innovations, we will study the basic moments of interior design:

  • use pedestals. The objects are made of wood, gypsum and natural stone;

  • smoothing angles. Original asymmetry and smoothing of corners give the interior dynamism. This applies to furniture, lamps and various accessories. The contrast of geometric forms is the key to beauty;

  • fresh flowers. Plants fill the room with fragrance and refresh the memory of the summertime. Place the bouquet in ceramic vases with an even pattern;

  • art objects. Scandinavian design implies saturation of the house with graphic prints, ceramic figures and other decorative elements. The interior, as a rule, consists of the color of latte and terracotta;

  • Lampshades. Replace the product with a new model with a black color. The interior will benefit from this.

Options for choosing an apartment decor

Trends in interior design 2018 are based on a selection of classic materials and products. In most cases, interior elements are represented by curtains, vases, table accessories and paintings that can be bought on.

The style of the Italian Renaissance is represented by ancient columns, bay leaf ornaments and modular sets of dishes. Also do not underestimate the greatness of bright colors. Particularly noteworthy lamps and pastel-colored dishes. Modern furnishings in the form of animals will not leave indifferent even the most demanding apartment owners.

Create an interior without a designer

Technical plan for repair is a convenient tool for planning. First, you can verify information about the rooms (area, height, etc.). Secondly, to visually try on the design ideas. Next, decide on the following:

  1. the style of the apartment;

  2. What furniture and appliances will remain in the house after the repair? If you choose the style of "techno", the old chair will need to throw;

  3. fix on paper the parameters of the places where there will be a wardrobe, a bed and a desk;

  4. Porcelain tiles are great for kitchens and corridors.The light shade of the material visually expands the space of the room;

  5. The walls in the bedroom can be beaten with laminated parquet.

Beautiful ceilings are made of plasterboard. To expressiveness was more, use the "steps". Use natural materials: flax, cotton, stone, etc. Such products will last you a long time and will look beautiful at all times. The choice of decor is best left to the last moment. As soon as the picture of the repair is clear, it will be clear what is missing. Experiment with pictures in the style of "pop art" and other works of art. Fashionable interior is 80% of personal creativity and a subtle combination of colors.

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