Angelina Jolie is experiencing financial difficulties

Raising six children alone is not easy, even if the mother is Angelina Jolie. At the time of the divorce from Brad Pitt, the state of the actress and director was estimated at 160 million dollars. But a year has passed and there were rumors that the funds in the account began to melt. The fact is that mother of many children has not been filmed in commercially successful projects for a long time, and she pays fees for shooting in advertising campaigns (for example, in advertising for Mon Monerone fragrance) to charity. In addition, savings are melting due to the cost of maintaining a family, the services of assistants (governesses, guards, cooks), the maintenance of real estate ... Angelina's own film projects do not only do not make box office sales, but also require funding. According to Hollywood, rumors about the sad financial position of the star began to spread. If it goes on like this, Angie will have to tighten her belt or agree to shoot in a blockbuster, which she categorically refuses lately.

Angelina herself, however, doesn't give the impression that she has any financial difficulties: the day before in Los Angeles she presented her last work “At first they killed my father: Memoirs of Cambodia’s daughter” and all that shone.

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