American Staffordshire Terrier: Care and Nutrition

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong and resilient dog. This breed is liked by many for its inaccessibility and attractiveness. Initially, the Staffords were bred as a service dog. Today, such dogs have greatly expanded their scope, due to their nature. Dogs of this breed do not have congenital distrust towards people and animals, characteristic of service breeds. With the right treatment to them, their training is very easy, they are really, very capable pets, many professional dog experts say. With sufficient attention from the owners, they are superbly trained, with great desire to compete in competitions and exhibitions, while taking, as a rule, high places.

If you do not know the character of a well-bred American Staffordshire Terrier, passing nearby, you can never say that this particular dog can be a great nurse for little children.However, this breed has one distinctive character trait from other breeds - to please in all its masters, therefore in bad hands the Staffords can be dangerous for the people around them.

There is another feature in this breed - it is highly sensitive to the threat. These dogs are rarely mistaken in that the family in which they live may be in danger or by a passing person on the street, none other than a criminal in some way. These pets are always on guard! Therefore, it is very important to have leather ammunition: a collar and leash. Canine experts recommend always keeping this dog on a leash, walking along the street with it, especially if the pet is not well-bred or not mature enough. You must clearly understand that the main instinct with her is to protect yourself and you, so they instantly turn from even the most suspicious friend into an aggressive fighting dog.

American Staffordshire Terrier - ideally gets on in country and city houses, thanks to its medium size and short hair. This breed is difficult to attribute to the group of dogs for which you only need to constantly do what to comb, bathe and dry. However, they are madly in love when their owner does it regularly (3-4 times a week).Since, during this procedure, they feel your care and love.

Food Stafford should be full and quality. In the weekly diet, all the substances necessary for this breed must be present, otherwise the dog may be sick and, first of all, with diseases associated with the digestive tract. If you do not have enough time for daily cooking using special recipes for Staffords, then it’s reasonable to go to the veterinarian and decide on the type of dry food you can buy at pet shops.

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