“Amazing Mrs. Mazel” and 6 more TV shows that make us better

All that you wanted to know about the relationship - so you could call this endless series (to think only, now it's the fourteenth season!).
In the center of attention - surgeons of the city hospital of Seattle who work hard, and also fall in love, quarrel, argue, hate each other and dream about someone. A delightful soap opera in which everything is done so correctly that almost every series can be finished watching with tears in his eyes.

"Trick me"

Notice the details. Look Into Your Face. Watch the reactions. All this can tell a lot.

Dr. Lightman is famous for the ability to read faces. He calculates a lie on the emotions that a person unconsciously expresses with his body. The series ended after three seasons, but the charisma of Tim Roth does not give us peace, and we again and again return to this charming egoist and a very attentive person.


There is nothing more important than friendship.

For the sake of a friend, you can hang around in a wooden box, like Chandler, while your girlfriend breaks up with you, give yourself a picture of the fire, like Joe, and even pee on the leg of a friend bitten by a jellyfish.
"Friends" are taught to be near, when the wife left and the guy threw, the birthday was not right on time, when they were assigned to a new place, when Christmas, Thanksgiving, when it's sad when you're sick, when you just want to play the fool.
Boys and girls come and go, and on the couch in Central Perk still hang out best friends - Phoebe, Joe, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Rachel.

"Dr. House"

Do not be offended by the harsh truth.

The main serial doctor, cynical and arrogant Gregory House, knows how to offend, offend and indulge no worse than to put an ideally correct diagnosis. What to do, sometimes with someone else's sharpness you have to accept, especially if there is a fair amount of truth in it. By the way, do not forget that even such a hardened cynic as Dr. House can be a man with a vulnerable soul.

"Jean-Claude Van Johnson"

Laugh at yourself! Even such a tough guy, like Jean-Claude Van Damme, does it with great pleasure.

Van Damme plays almost himself - an actor, known for the 80's fighters (especially his superstretch), but released into circulation. Only filming a movie is just a cover up, in fact, Jean-Claude is an undercover agent performing secret tasks.
One day, Jean-Claude, who spent three years in retirement, decides to go back and start all over again. He will have to deal with the drug mafia and at the same time play Huckleberry Finn in the film where Tom Sawyer is a woman ...

"The Amazing Mrs. Mazel"

Do what the soul is about. Even if it is obscene stories about his personal life on the stage of a tiny New York club.

Miriam Meisel married, gave birth to two children and lived an almost perfect life until her husband changed her with the secretary. Then Miriam got drunk, came to the Gazlayt club, where her husband performed with an unhappy stand-up, and blew up the hall. Since then, Miriam has been advancing in a conversational comedy genre, except that her emotional improvisations are best of all, and not verified performances. In one of the best TV series of 2017, the wonderful Rachel Brosnahan was chattering at inhuman speed, blasting out so many charming jokes in a row that we haven’t heard since the days of the old “Gilmore Girls”, the showr of which was also Amy Sherman-Palladino.

"This is us"

As with age, do not increase the shell and continue to show love and tenderness.

A series about two brothers and a sister who live their adult lives. One brother is a successful businessman with a beautiful family, the second brother is an actor who appeared in one popular TV series, but has not found himself yet, and his sister struggles with excess weight all his life.

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