A timid child goes to kindergarten: how to help

The problem of these guys is mainly in excessive disappointment over any failure. But they value their success not so highly. And it is in this direction that the work of the parents should be directed. To raise the mood of the child, to set it up in a positive way, to form a positive attitude towards kindergarten, towards comrades. It is also important to teach the child not to dwell on their failures, and it is better to even laugh at them.
All this can not be taught, as the multiplication table, sitting down and having jagged. These qualities are formed gradually. And the main incentive - own example of parents. In the morning at the kindergarten, parents should not think about their plans for the day and how to do everything. Parents should remember that for a child it is not just routine lifting and dressing, this is a whole big deal, and even more grandiose event follows him - a whole day in kindergarten, without mom and dad. For a timid child, this is a whole working day, and not at his favorite work.
Parents should maintain the easy and cheerful mood of the child from the very morning.You can on the way to the kindergarten tell him some funny poems or stories. And you can compose these stories with your child. Having come to the kindergarten, parents should pay attention to how it is nice, cozy, fun and so on. And it must be constantly emphasized so that the child perceives it as a given. After all, the parents are the most important people in his life so far and their opinion is important to him.
When parents came to pick up the child from the kindergarten, do not scold him for his soiled T-shirt, shorts or disheveled pigtails. Shy children themselves have already scolded themselves much more than their parents. No need to add them experiences. It is better to laugh amicably about it, remember some nice poem on this topic. But we must remember that laughter with the words: “Well, you are dirty,” can hardly be called friendly.

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