Tiffany colors folding “Happy Wedding” greeting card

Warm and beloved summer is the time for weddings. Every year, starting from the beginning of summer, so many marriages take place. Everyone prefers to celebrate even weddings in different ways. Some couples love a quiet home environment with parents and closest relatives and friends. Others roll up lush events with hundreds of invited guests, and some even prefer to just sign and go together on some romantic trip. It all depends on the budget, the situation and in general on human priorities. But the most important thing is one thing, nobody has ever canceled congratulations, and even if there was no celebration, you can always congratulate the young and just like that. It does not have to be something expensive, the most important thing is that it be from the heart and with taste and left for a long memory in their marital life.The most important gift is greeting words in a wedding card. In order to present some zest in your gift, you can make a delicate card in tiffany color with your own hands. This color is very popular in the 2015 wedding season. Therefore, you must admit that nothing will please and surprise the young, since the postcard is of a very interesting shape handmade. Moreover, now the gifts that are made with your own hands have become very valuable and rare. So now we will make a postcard in such an interesting technique as scrapbooking. We start right now and take for this: • A4 paper watercolor paper, one sheet; • Paper for scrapbooking colors from the “Tiffany” and “Gentle Chebbi” sets, 4 different sheets; • Wedding pictures: newlyweds, swans and a box with rings; • Cutting Tiffany color: a big hollow heart, middle heart and a small hollow, butterflies; • Polymeric decorations in white and tiffany: framed heart with roses, roses, lilies; • Tychink complex with glitterom beige and Tiffany; • Latex white roses and Tiffany; • Salatnevaya paper hydrangea; • Tissue florets small color Tiffany; • ribbons satin and organza different widthstiffany colors; • Cotton tiffany lace; • White ribbon with small pom-poms; • • White half-beads, turquoise and tiffany; • Happy Wedding Day stamp; • • Tools: glue PVA, double-sided tape, ruler, lighter, pencil, scissors, gum, floral and lace punchers.
 Card folding Happy Wedding Day
we take for this next
The shape of the postcard is interesting, so first we cut out its base. Sheet put horizontally. We divide it into three parts: 7.5 cm, 15 cm and 7.5 cm.
 cut the base
cut its base
We retreat 10 cm at the sides and 2.5 cm at the top. Under the line we connect these lines together. We make two bends and fold the foundation like this.
 cut its base
 cut its base
Cut off excess corners and top and sides of the base are made floral due to the hole punch. make flowers thanks to the hole punch
From the inside on the sides in the center we glue on the satin strip, the post cards are then tied to the bow.
 make flowers thanks to the hole punch
 make out the card
Now we will cut the decor out of scrap paper.
 decorate the postcard
 decorate the card
Cut off these different shapes for interior and exterior. Cut a small rectangle under the pocket for money.
 make out a postcard
 we make out a card
We make some remaining stripes lace and floral, we glue them on the finished figures as an additional decoration with white glue. We get here are the parts.Now we stamp the inscription itself, round out the pictures and tint everything with the ink pad.
 decorate the postcard
 we make out a card
From a watercolor we cut out a figure with rounded edges, its tinted and sticking in the center of the postcard is for the inscription. We glue the pictures and the inscription on the figures and sew each machine.
make out postcard
 we make out a postcard
Now these blanks to the base and also sew it separately.
make out postcard
 we make out the card
We glue the cut-down hearts with PVA glue. Now we make a bunch and tie bows.
 A folding card for Happy Wedding Day
Folding Card With Wedding Day
All decorations are glued with a glue gun.Done! We fold, tie and get just such an interesting wedding card in tiffany color.
 Folding Card With Wedding Day
 Folding Card Happy Wedding Day

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