A great way to use plastic bottles on the summer cottage

There is one great way to organize an amazing garden bed with an abundance of harvest, which gardeners have long used. His name is vertical garden. This idea can be considered from various points of view, depending on the goals of the owners. We offer one of them - to make vertical beds for pepper, greens, and spicy herbs. Thus, it will turn out to squeeze a maximum from a pair of square meters. And the result is an organized, beautiful, self-watering vertical garden!

To work prepare:

  • at least 7-8 plastic 1.5-liter bottles (for one pyramid);
  • priming;
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • sand.

We begin work with the creation of blanks - plastic bottles:

1. First clean the labels and rinse well. Then cut the bottom of the first bottle and make two parallel holes with scissors:

2. Then pour the soil into the bottle, and put it on the neck on the floor.Do the same with the rest of the bottles, except for two (they will supply water).

3. To make a vertical garden, put a bottle in a bottle with a soil of up to 5-6 pieces, one in one neck down, and leave the last bottle untouched. To hold the structure firmly, fasten it with wire at the net, tree or stick.

4. Then in each bottle, make a hole - a window in which you plant seeds or seedlings. You can not cut out completely, but only the sides and top, and the bottom, thus, as if holding the greens.

5. The last stage is water. To do this, in the last two bottles, drill a hole in the lid. At one of the bottles, cut the bottom, pour in wet sand (or put a rag first, and pour sand on top). Another bottle cut in half, put in the last bottle design with primer. Place a bottle of sand on top of it and pour water.

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