6 decorations that will make any look stylish

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

In the warm season, dressing up is much easier: there is a whole range of bright colors, skirts of all lengths and styles, and a pleasant opportunity to wear mini dresses and open back dresses more often, “blaming” an overly hot summer. In winter, the time comes when getting out of a cozy warm sweater is a trauma, and it is a little lazy to indulge in experiments with the style, because the temperature and condition of the sidewalks outside the window do not inspire creativity at all. But on the background of gray-brown everyday life you can perfectly escape an “accessory therapy”: for example, you can buy a funny volumetric hat instead of the usual black one, replace the classic bag with a cheerful clutch of colored fur, and everyday miniature jewelry with large and bold, and it’s straight in broad daylight. We tell you what other ways you can change your image in a second with the help of decorations alone.

Gold hoop earrings

You may not believe it, but the large and noticeable from afar gold earrings-rings of your mother are the very jewel on which all designers go crazy. And this is exactly what was needed as an update to your favorite knit turtleneck.

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