20 wise tips psychologist Mikhail Litvak

Mikhail Litvak, one of the recognized psychologists and psychotherapists of the international level, developed and was the first to put into practice the system of conflict resolution “psychological aikido”.

The main goal of this concept is to learn to understand people and yourself. We publish 20 tips of a famous psychologist, which will help in solving many life issues:

  1. Nobody leaves anyone, just someone goes ahead. The one who has lagged behind thinks that he was abandoned.
  2. Gnaw the granite of science and not your neighbor’s throat if you really want to nibble something
  3. Depression is in order for a person to think about himself.
  4. If a person can not say anything good about himself, but he wants to say, he begins to say bad things about others.
  5. If you think well of yourself, why do you need someone else to think well of you.
  6. Do what you want, and do not ask for permission. Suddenly they will refuse.
  7. It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty person.
  8. The ability to love and tolerate loneliness is an indicator of spiritual maturity. All the best we do when we are alone.
  9. I do not know the path to success.But I know the path to failure is the desire to please everyone.
  10. There is no male or female logic, there is a skill or inability to think wisely.
  11. Do you want to know your main enemy? Look in the mirror. Deal with him - the rest will scatter.
  12. It's nice to talk with friends, but it's useful with enemies.
  13. There is the only good reason for breaking off a relationship and being fired from work - the impossibility of personal growth in the current conditions.
  14. An immature person often knows, but does not know how. Mature not only knows, but also knows how. Therefore, an immature person criticizes, and a mature person does.
  15. Share only joy with friends and enemies. A friend will rejoice, the enemy will be upset.
  16. Do not pursue happiness, but find the place where it is found. And happiness itself will find you. I can tell you the place where your happiness is found - it is you yourself. And the way to it is the maximum development of all your abilities.
  17. Happiness is a “by-product” of properly organized activities.
  18. If you want to prove something to someone, it means that you live for the one to whom you want to prove it. If you live for yourself, then there is no need for someone to prove something.
  19. Dreams are the voices of our abilities. So I do not dream to sing in the opera.There is no voice or hearing. And if I dreamed, then, consequently, this dream would be warmed up by my abilities. Therefore, I would try to get into the opera. You just need to think about how to fulfill this dream. The main thing here is not to hurry, then it will turn out pretty quickly. It is good when a person can say the following about himself: “I’m doing just that, trying to fulfill my dreams.”
  20. Bring success - will be offended.

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