15 cool inventions that will change our future

The speed of progress in the 21st century, compared with all other periods of human existence, exceeded all imaginable limits: the number of scientific and technical achievements of the best minds of the planet is growing exponentially. 3D printers, autopilots, robots, artificial organs - all we have already seen, and what awaits us next? We present you a selection of15 cool inventions that will change our future!

Levitating table lamp

A Flyte table lamp with a magnetic system levitates in the air above a wooden base. To power the device uses induction technology, which also allows you to charge smartphones with support for this technology. The lamp can work 6 hours a day for 22 years.

Jacket with built-in heater

The creators of the Flexwarm jacket call it the smartest in the world. A special feature of the jacket is the presence of heating elements built into the back, chest and wrists.With the help of a mobile application to control the jacket, you can change the temperature.

Triple Flip Phone

Designer Christian Ulrich Larsen (Kristian Ulrich Larsen) presented his vision of what modern mobile phones should look like. For this, he created his own concept of a phone with three flexible displays that can work in different modes.

Surface sterilizer

Kitchen Sanitizing Wand UV Sterilizer can destroy viruses, bacteria and germs from the air or surfaces in just 10 seconds. Hostesses will appreciate this sterilizer!

Wireless headphones-translators Pilot

This tiny microphone is going to be your personal simultaneous interpreter when speaking with foreigners. Now it will be much more convenient to travel around the world!

Solar Charger Port

A port is a device that charges your phone with solar power. Thanks to the sucker, the Port charger is easily attached to any window of the house, in the car and even on the plane.

Two in one: rollers and skateboard

Hammacher Schlemmer has developed an interesting product called The Sidewinding Circular Skates - a kind of skateboard and roller skates.The main thing is to keep balance.

Phone and Bluetooth Headset

The Sambala project is still at the idea stage, but the idea itself is just brilliant - to combine a mobile phone and a bluetooth headset in one bottle. When the phone is compressed from the sides, from the middle there is a petal of the earpiece, which is inserted into the ear. Thus, the phone turns into a wireless headset.

"Underwater" treadmill

It is an ideal machine for those who recover from injury, as water reduces pressure on the body, while at the same time strengthening muscles and burning fat through aerobic exercise.

Scanner for determining the composition of food

Surely we all want to know what foods we consume before buying or ordering them, because our health depends on what we eat. The TellSpec scanner analyzes information about the composition of food in a special mobile application.

Portable Copy & Paste Duplicator

The new gadget Copy & Paste is a small portable copy machine with two buttons. By holding the bottom one, the user scans the desired image into the internal memory, and while holding the top one - prints it on absolutely any surface.

Flexible smartphone

The idea of ​​flexible smartphones is in the air for more than a year. Portal is a flexible new-generation super phone that can be attached to your hand like a fitness bracelet or simply put in your pocket. According to preliminary data, the smartphone will appear with a waterproof coating.

Phone with the most current weather forecast

New technology from the company Window Phone is still in development. According to the idea of ​​manufacturers, the transparent screen of the phone visually and incredibly realistically shows the weather outside the window.

Kettle of the future

MIITO is an incredible device that allows you to heat any liquid right in a mug. You can heat as much fluid as you need, spending less energy and time.

Electronic touch pen

The Phree knob is connected using bluetooth to the phone or tablet. You can write absolutely on any surface, and the text will appear on the monitor of the electronic device.

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