12 signs that you will be together forever

Having fallen in love, it seems to us that only with this person we can be happy, and therefore even the thought of parting brings incredible pain. Is it possible with 100% certainty, looking at a couple, to say that they will live happily ever after? Unfortunately no.

We are changing, and the circumstances of our lives are changing too. It's great when you change together and in unison, continuing to get a buzz from each other even decades later, but such cases can be counted on fingers. However, it is still possible to predict the duration of a relationship if these signs are present in a pair.


You are comfortable, relaxed and comfortable together. You can be silent in the company of each other and still be happy. You can cry in the company of each other and be sure that you will be helped only here.


You laugh at the same jokes. You like the humor of each other, and you are not annoyed by the laughter of your partner at random or the old joke that you have heard for the hundredth time. You appreciate what your loved one wants to amuse you, and have fun with him.

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You have many common interests, and you continue to learn new things together. After all, with like-minded people we are ready to spend an infinite amount of time: to argue, make plans and hypotheses, look for facts and develop arguments. When lovers in a couple speak the same language, this is a prediction of stability. However, in order not to stop the relationship, you need to constantly find new hobbies and enthrall your loved one with them. So you will grow and develop together.


It's hard to be in a relationship if his friends annoy you, and your friends are besy. This means that fewer occasions will come together and make travels, walks, discoveries. You have to choose: either he or friends.

Therefore, the best option for a relationship is when his friends are your friends, and vice versa.


When passion leaves a relationship, it’s not at all necessary to disperse, just like ships at sea. After all, you have already worked so much together: children, friends, property, interests. Relations do not end there, they just enter a new phase - a phase of mutual respect, when you are valuable to each other as individuals, as professionals, as the mother and father of your children, as marriage partners.

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Even in the harshest moments, do not forget to show reverent feelings towards your partner. Kisses and hugs have not been canceled. The warmth of a loved one warms better than a wool sweater. Daily kissing and hugging should become a good tradition in your couple. And not necessarily they should lead to a passionate continuation. Sometimes, just to lie down next to each other is energetically stronger and more beneficial than many hours of bed aerobics.


We all come from childhood. And what do the guys love the most? Gifts and surprises! So, do not forget to pamper your loved one with pleasant souvenirs and organize unexpected surprise moments for him. We all appreciate the emotions that we experience. Let that incredible delight that he experienced when you, dressed as a clown, came to his bachelor party and made all friends laugh, he associates with you, just like butterflies in your stomach after an incendiary belly dance in your boudoir.


If at the moment of love our egoism goes into the background and we want to constantly appease our partner, then over time he returns to his rightful place, and now when the couple has a choice,where to go to rest, you prove with foaming at the mouth that your option is the only correct one.

Slow down, take a pause. If you constantly push the interests and desires of your partner, taking care only of your own, he will not remain in this relationship for a long time. Learn to compromise and listen to each other’s hearts.

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Work on yourself

You can never let the relationship down on the brakes and live as it turns out. Because it can turn out worse and worse every day. If you care about the person with whom you have been walking hand in hand for several years now, you need to be on your guard since everything tends to change. I say that the character can change, the habits, the conditions of your life and work, and when you feel that you have become uncomfortable, you should not immediately look for another harbor or blame your partner, and try to change your attitude to what is happening.


Parents are sacred. If you from the first acquaintance did not find a common language with his mother, whom he madly in love, it means that it is necessary to urgently look for other solutions. You just have to be close to her. She will tell you about all the pros and cons of her son, his preferences, his skeletons in the closet.And when she feels in you that person who will never hurt her “child”, she will take you into the family and, perhaps, it is her reasonable advice that will help you more than once to get out of the family crisis.

common goal

As they say, they don’t change horses at the crossing, so if you want to be together as long as possible, constantly find projects that will unite you, to achieve which you will strive together: buying an apartment, building a summer house, creating a family business, having a baby, and dd


You need to be able to be yourself under any circumstances, because sooner or later the situation will come when all the masks will fly, and then those who have never been sincere and real will have a hard time. It is difficult from year to year to play comfortable roles for your environment and not to be who you really are. Over time, anger from hidden feelings and unspoken words will converge in tandem, and then your relationship is waiting for Armageddon, after which everything will be bad for him, his friends, his family, and you, of course.

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