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10 Things Wedding Guests Hate

1. Having to Pay for Their Drinks

Guests understand if an open top-shelf bar isn't within the couple's budget, but charging them to celebrate a marriage?! No one should have to take out their wallets at a party. Unlimited beer, wine and soda is a considerate compromise, even if it's only during the first couple hours of the reception.

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2. A Reception That Takes Place HOURS After the Ceremony

Churches often have set times when they'll hold ceremonies—likewise with catering halls and receptions. But when the majority of guests aren't close enough to go home or staying at a nearby hotel, they're not going to be thrilled about killing two-and-a-half hours.

3. Too Many Long Speeches

The best man drones on about a singular drunken escapade from college. Then two other groomsmen recount that same less-than-sober experience. The maid of honor cries for a solid six minutes of her toast. And a bridesmaid does a tribute to the couple—in rhyme. The father of the bride gives the family history. And the parents of the groom want in, too. STOP THE MADNESS. Extra guests who want the mic can get their chance at the events leading up to the wedding, or they can be honored some other way.

4. Sitting in Undesirable Locations

No one with functioning ears wants to eat dinner next to a throbbing DJ speaker. And the opposite is true, too: Guests don't exactly feel like part of the action if they can't see the dance floor or hear the toasts and music.

5. Being Forced to Participate

An MC who bullies people onto the dance floor, especially the unmarried folks to catch the bouquet or garter, quickly grates on guests' nerves. Couples should invite people they'd like to be present when they get hitched, whether or not those friends and relatives want to be on display during the singles-shaming parts of the event.

6. Couples Who Spend More on Décor Than Their Guests' Good Time

Sorry, florists. A wedding's success in the eyes of guests depends far more on the food and entertainment than the bouquets. A budget devoted to flowers instead of enjoyable music and a tasty, filling meal is sure to leave guests disappointed.

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7. Limited Food

When brides and grooms only provide light bites (no, five fruit and veggie platters won't cut it for a wedding), or dinner options that aren't crowd-pleasers (that mustard-crusted liver the couple split on their first date shouldn't be the only choice on the menu), guests go hungry. And then get angry. And then leave to go get real food.

8. Too Many Organized Dances

The Electric Slide, the Dougie, the Macarena, and oh, the Chicken Dance. Guests want a chance to bust their own kind of moves.

9. Having to Wait in Line for Anything

Photo booths are fun…until you spend half an hour for a chance to get inside one. And who doesn't love food stations? The people with grumbling stomachs who didn't run to be first when they opened up, that's who. Couples better satisfy guests when they designate when tables of attendeees can go up to enjoy popular offerings and ensure there's enough of a good thing for everyone.

10. Being Forced to Tolerate Extreme Conditions

Guests can get sunburn on a shade-free beach, or shiver in the October wind or get attacked by bees and mosquitoes. Even if the nuptials are indoors, a broken or overactive A/C or heater can bother people. When brides and grooms make guests' comfort their number-one priority, they can't go wrong.

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10 Things Wedding Guests Hate
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