10 things not to do on the plane

Even if you are not afraid of flights, they are still a certain stress for the body. And the fact that on earth seems quite normal, in the air can be prohibited. Today we decided to make a list of 10 things that should not be done during the flight.

Celestial injunctions

Friendly flight attendants, for sure, will acquaint you with the basic rules of conduct on board, but there are those about which you will not tell. What you should not do?

1. Sleep all the time of the flight. Already dreaming about how to sit comfortably in a chair, and peacefully fall asleep until you arrive at your destination? Do not hurry. Everyone knows that during takeoff and landing there is a pressure drop. To minimize the unpleasant sensations from it, you can chew gum or suck lollipop, it is recommended for young children to give a pacifier or a bottle with a pacifier.

If you wake up all the time, then hearing problems, ear infections and dizziness are not excluded.

2. Constantly sit.And again it will be about pressure.Its low level reduces the level of blood circulation in the body. And this can already lead to serious violations, up to the formation of blood clots.

It is recommended to periodically walk through the cabin of the aircraft and do the simplest workout - roll your legs from toe to heel, strain and relax your calf muscles.

It is better for girls to give up tights in favor of loose and not too tight trousers in order to reduce the risk of blood stagnation.

3. To use contact lenses.This is not worth doing, as the air on board is very dry, and this can cause discomfort and redness. For the flight it is better to use the glasses.

4. Refuse water.Dry air is a direct route to dehydration. Therefore, it is better to have a small bottle of water with you and drink it a little during the flight. By the way, you should not ask the stewardess for ice, it is often made of raw water.

5. To take a great interest in alcoholic drinks.Of course, this is a great way to relax and better move the flight. But abuse but a hangover can bring other unpleasant consequences. Low air humidity will cause drunkenness to come faster,and with it will appear in a pair and rapid dehydration.

6. Drink soda.From your favorite drinks with gas during the flight should be abandoned. They and on the ground often provoke swelling, and in conditions of constant pressure drop they can cause increased gas formation, which causes a lot of inconvenience.

7. Turn off ventilation.Above each seat there is a special ventilation system, and passengers, worrying that they can freeze, turn it off. And in vain. Since there is no free access of fresh air in the cabin, ventilation does not allow bacteria to linger and humidifies the air.

If you feel that it will be cold, wear a sweater.

8. Keep quiet about feeling unwell.Taking care of a comfortable flight is the work of the personnel of the board. Therefore, if you feel bad, be sure to ask for help. In the plane there is always a set of essential drugs. In addition, flight attendants, before starting work in the air, always take courses in emergency medical care and even know how to take birth.

9. Touch the surroundings once more.Sanitary treatment of the cabin is far from every flight, and therefore it’s not worth relying on the purity of the surrounding objects.

For example, on a folding table you should not put personal belongings, especially those that are directly in contact with your body - glasses, telephone, spoon. Nobody knows what other passengers put there. Perhaps he laid out his legs or changed the baby's diaper. The same goes for the porthole.

Also it is necessary to refuse from blankets and pillows, if they are not in the package.

10. Refuse to go to the toilet.This is not the cleanest place in terms of hygiene, but to endure all the way is also not an option, because there is always the risk of developing an infection. So if you need to, go to the toilet, but remember that the main breeding ground for bacteria is the drain button and the door handle. Therefore, it is better to press them with a napkin.

Such simple tips will make your flight comfortable. Have a nice trip!

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