10 golden rules for choosing lingerie for obese women

The myth that underwear for plump girls is ugly and non-sexy, fortunately, has sunk into oblivion, and designers create more and more plus size collections.

The selection of a convenient and beautiful kit will help you to feel super-attractive. What to pay attention, said representatives of the brand Incnato Marianna Loginova and Anna Rudakova.

Wide straps

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No matter how much thin silicone straps and bando without straps may be, a bra for a magnificent breast should be reliable and unshakable. And here the rule works without fail: the larger the breast, the wider the straps should be. For greater comfort, they can be treated with a lining cloth on the inside. The myth that such bras can not be called attractive and sexy, has long been dispelled by modern linen manufacturers.

Supporting bone

Sconce must be with supporting stones on the side and bottom, this model holds its shape best.Ideal options - bra with vertical bones, corsets and corsages.

Thick cup

You should not choose a very soft cup, pay attention to a tight cup or a variant with a sponge lining. Avoid mind-blowing bras with a push-up effect. Yes, they look seductive, but they visually add a couple of kilos to you.

Photo: Incnato press service
Photo: Incnato press service
Photo: Incnato press service

Matte fabric

Shimmering and thin shiny materials - satin, silk, velvet or mesh - this is what should be avoided. Bet on matte textures, such as cotton or microfiber.

Closed panties

Choose shorts, slipy or brazilian. Colors: yes - dark and deep shades, no - light and bright, also do not take models with a fine print.

Corrective underwear

If you want to make the shape more accurate, use corrective underwear. It is not confused with anything: inconspicuous colors, a minimum of seams and the absence of playful elements. Dresses, sleeves with a high waist, working simultaneously on the abdomen and thighs, pants, leggings, shorts, body, bras make it possible not only to make the forms less fluffy, but also gives the opportunity to model the figure. Conventionally, it is classified into three types.

Slight corrective effect - soft to the touch, but dense fabric. It creates a smooth silhouette, smoothes out bumps and a nice bonus - no discomfort with daily wear.

Medium corrective effect and denser tissue are able to hide small fat folds in problem areas of the figure.

Strong corrective effect - from very dense tissue, often has preformed grooves for the buttocks and chest. Will allow to remove significantly more extra centimeters than models with light and medium corrective effect. Of the minuses - constrains movement.

Photo: Incanto press service
Photo: Incanto press service
Photo: Incanto press service

Choose your size underwear

Do you choose a kit one size smaller, hoping to lose a couple of kilos? Waste money. And at the risk of harm to health and spoil the carefully selected image: tight underwear creates unnecessary folds and disrupts blood circulation, causing headaches and back pain.

Choose models that fit your size with reliable support. But do not forget about the seductive appearance - it is important to feel confident and not to doubt your own sexuality!

Try on clothes before you buy

Even if you clearly know your size, you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Each individual set has its own structural features that may affect the fit of the model. If you still have doubts about the size, do not hesitate to ask the consultant. Modern brands provide free sconce fitting services.

Use kits strictly as intended

This means that we do not use a sports bra as a slimming bra, and we don’t wear underwear for a special occasion every day.

Do not save

Underwear must be made of materials of exceptionally good quality. Such models quickly adjust volumes, but at the same time they make you feel comfortable.

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